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Welcome to the new Björkris website. This website will help you to stay abreast of the latest developments in Björkris and find out what’s going to happen in the area in the future. The website will gradually be updated and useful news about the area, planned activities, stories about the process of development and information about processes and consultation within the municipality will be published here.


Perhaps you have already discovered that things have begun happening in Björkris. Phase 1 is now complete and all residential properties here are now sold or let. Of course we are extremely happy about this. During the coming years we face development of phase 2, which will take place north of Björkris. This phase will be jointly developed by Trollängen and Finnja. Our common vision for the area emanates from the area’s given qualities such as the natural surroundings, the city and the excellent commuting distance. Our goal is an area that can be filled with all of life’s adventures. We will achieve this by utilising the nearby nature, an urban construction rich in variation and a mixture of housing types, commercial properties and activities for both children and adults, plus municipal services including a nursery school and housing for the elderly. The first thing that will happen, before we even begin building, is to facilitate the enjoyment of nature. We have understood that residents of phase 1 perceive nature as being nearby, but not accessible. This is why we want to create new points of access to the forest, and also create areas for play and leisure activities. The first step has been to demolish the old abandoned building at the edge of the forest. This was done during spring and is now complete. Stay updated about the latest developments here.

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