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Living in Kungsbacka

Kungsbacka municipality is located along the west coast in northern Halland. It has extensive infrastructure to both Gothenburg (28 km north) and Varberg (48 km south), making it convenient for anyone looking to commute. Kungsbacka has a small town vibe but with access to everything you might expect from a big city, as well as a proximity to nature.

A city with a little bit of everything

Here you will find there is a sense of community, just like in a small town. At the same time the commute train will take you to Gothenburg in just 20 minutes. In Kungsbacka you will have access to locally sourced goods, organic food and a wide range of shopping. Kungsbacka has plenty of hiking tracks, national parks and you will never be far from the sea. There is something for everyone in Kungsbacka, whether it’s a shopping lunch with a friend or a surfing session in the autumn wind.

A city well taken care of

Kungsbacka is a city in constant development. Through investments within outdoor landscaping, plant ornaments, up to date playgrounds and sport centers. Kungsbacka strives towards being a beautiful and welcoming city and we find it to be very true, knowing that more and more people decide to move here.


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