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Living in Björkris

Björkris Phase 2 will be an active urban district for socialising and for experiences, with proximity to commute, nature, shopping and other services. We strive towards simple and accessible living for Björkris residents, and having all of life’s adventures within reach.

Mixed housing

The new district will be varied in both building type and form of tenure. Condos, townhouses and apartments will be mixed within the new district and a large park area will connect Phase 2 with the already existing Phase 1. We believe this will lead to an interesting and vibrant environment for both residents and visitors.

Mobility hubs

All residents in Björkris will have a mobility hub near their home. A mobility hub houses privately owned vehicles as well as cars within a carpool. Adjacent to all mobility hubs are also services such as sub postmasters and repair shops.

The new phase will also develop new schools, community centres, shops and cafés/restaurants.


Björkris will be connected to both the train station and the large shopping area in Hede.

If you are looking to commute north, towards Gothenburg or Mölndal, there are plenty of trains and busses with a 20-30-minute commute time. The commuter train leaves every 15-minutes during peak hours. If you want to commute south, towards Varberg, Falkenberg and Halmstad there are trains leaving every 30-minutes during peak hours. Getting to Kungsbacka city center is convenient by local busses as well as bicycle paths.

The large forest next to Björkris will have trails för walking and running, an overlook above Björkris and several recreational and playful areas for all ages. All in harmony with the stunning nature in the area.

The overlook

As a first step in making the forest more accessible, we are building an overlook above Björkris Phase 2. This spot will be a nice location for daily excursions and at the same time be a spot for watching the development of Björkris.

The first blocks

In late 2021 we will start development of the first few blocks, which will be located near the forest. We begin with two buildings for condos and in the beginning of 2022 we will proceed with townhouses. Sales will begin in autumn 2021. As soon as floor plans and images are available they will be presented on our website. Until then, you are more than welcome to fill out our form of interest and subscribe to our newsletter to receive new information concerning the development of Björkris. Note that these are both in Swedish, so if you have further questions do not hesitate to give us a call or an email.


Quick facts Björkris Phase 2A

  • Developer: Trollängen och Franshill
  • Location: Northern part of Kungsbacka near Hede shopping area och Hede train station.
  • Number of housing units: Approx. 650 units in addition to the 550 units in Phase 1. (In the upcoming Phase 2B there will be an additional 200 units)



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