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A place for life’s adventures.

At Hede commuter station in northern Kungsbacka, we are further developing the urban district of Björkris. This attractive area, with its proximity to nature, will have more housing, services, and facilities for both leisure and socialising. It will be a place where simplicity and its close proximity allow you to embark on your own adventure. 

With Björkris, the ambition is to create an urban environment that feels both varied and cohesive at the same time. As part of the Kungsbacka of the future, our intent is to create an innovative place with well thought through and conscious solutions. We want to create opportunities for active experiences, both indoors and outdoors in the beautiful natural surroundings.

It is an area that will become more accessible to many. An exciting part of the city’s vision to offer diversity, an urban vibe and a nature to engage and inspire.

Discover adventure. Discover Björkris. 

Come discover our Björkris-showroom at Björkrisvägen 36. Trollängen will be here to answer your questions and inform you about what will happen with Björkris in the future. Opening hours is Tuesdays between 14-18. (closed valborgsmässoafton 30/4)

"This area will be the best we have ever built." — Anders Börjeson, CEO Trollängen



What is Björkris?

An urban district close to nature located at Hede commuter station in northern Kungsbacka. Today, there are about 550 housing units in a range of different tenures and types. There is also a school, pre-school, playgrounds and a marketplace with restaurants and other businesses.

What is Björkris Phase 2?

In Phase 2 we will develop the urban district of Björkris by building some 800 residential units with a mixture of housing types, tenures and sizes. We will also develop facilities for services, leisure and socialising, in addition to a pre-school, a home for the elderly, and an exciting outdoor area in the forest.

What can I find in, and where do I find the showroom for Björkris?

Come discover our Björkris-showroom at Björkrisvägen 36. Trollängen will be here to answer your questions and inform you about what will happen with Björkris in the future. Opening hours are Tuesdays between 14-18 starting on March 19th.

What is the vision of Björkris?

In Björkris we are striving to create an active urban district for socialising, adventures and experiences. An area where all of life’s adventures are nearby and accessible.

Who is developing Phase 2 of Björkris?

Trollängen and Finja are the two companies developing and building Phase 2 of Björkris. Kungsbacka Municipality is responsible for developing the pre-school, the home for the elderly, streets and parks.

Is there any time schedule for the project?

The local planning authority has decided to establish a detailed development plan and the work on drafting a proposal has commenced. The next step is consultation, where you will have the opportunity to express your opinion about the proposed plan. Phase 2 of Björkris will begin being developed in stages. Construction is planned to begin in spring of 2020.

What will the architecture of Björkris look like?

There are no definite suggestions as to what the buildings should look like. We are striving for variation and intelligent solutions with concern for the surrounding area and for quality. We believe this will lead to an interesting and vibrant environment for both residents and visitors.

Is there good access to schools and nursery schools?

The detailed development plan includes a pre-school while the school is part of phase 1.

Will there be rental apartments or cooperative apartments?

There will be both rental apartments and cooperative apartments.

Will you enable leisure activities?

This is a major priority in planning Björkris and we intend to facilitate active living both indoors and outdoors.

How will I be able to apply for an apartment in Björkris?

How to apply for apartments hasn’t yet been determined, but some part will be arranged via Kungsbacka Municipality’s housing queue.  Currently, no queue for expressing interest in cooperative apartments is available. Sign up for our newsletter so you can keep updated.

Will community centres be built?

Community centres will be built and we will create opportunities to participate in different activities and exercise classes.

Will premises for shops, cafés and restaurants also be built?

Yes, premises for shops, cafés and restaurants may be built in Björkris.

What has emerged from the discussions with current residents of Björkris?

Those who live in Björkris are very happy living in the area. They have expressed a strong wish to be able to get closer to nature, which is something we will try to make possible for all of Björkris.

Will you start having activities in the area prior to construction?

We will have a number of activities for all ages both before, during and after construction of Björkris.

What do opportunities for commuting look like?

There is good public transport northbound towards Gothenburg and Mölndal, in the form of commuter trains, interurban passenger trains and rapid transit buses. The commuter train leaves every 15 minutes during rush hour and takes you to Gothenburg in 25 minutes. Southbound towards Varberg, Falkenberg and Halmstad, there is a train every half hour during rush hour. There is also a local bus and good cycle paths to Kungsbacka City Centre.

What is currently happening in Björkris?

Read more about the latest news on the news page of our website and sign up for our newsletter to keep yourself updated.

"In Björkris, life is an adventure. There’s always something new to discover. Both in the magnificent natural surroundings that provide opportunities for active living and the fantastic sense of community in the area and in the courtyards."



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